Tuesday, July 10, 2012

D.I.Y Collar Tips

A couple months ago, I was chilling out in my room thinking of various ways that I could achieve collar tips, or a decorative collar. On Youtube (subscribe to my channel @lydiaVogue), most of the gurus where showing studded collars or ones decked with your common crosses, which aren't my particular cup of tea when I comes to something I want to wear. So after some thought it hit me, why not use some scrap fabric and manipulate it to look like a decorative piece for my collar.

This DIY is super easy and you only need 4 (four) things:

  • A shirt that you want to embellish, must have a collar, preferably pointed as opposed to peter pan. 
  • Scrap fabric, I used some of the same fabric from my other DIY, the embellished jacket
  • A pair of scissors
  • And either a needle and thread or sewing machine.
The first step is to cut out two triangular shapes from the scrap fabric. Make sure that they are about the same size, and that they fit on or around the tip of your collar. Next sew down the fabric to the tip of your collar, I do recommend using a needle and thread for this, as you will be working with a very small space. Lastly, snip away and loose threads or fraying pieces of fabric that you may see. And rock your new shirt! :D

Also, just so you all know, whenever I do this to my shirts, I cover the button holes, so they are no longer useful. You may find it easiest to just remove the collar buttons. 


  1. Love this DIY, your collar tips are so cute! xx

    1. :D Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it. :)

  2. very cute collar tips, they make simple shirts look expensive. I found a lot at, too.

    1. :D Thank you so much. It's always great to get nice feedback on my posts. :)