Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Friendship Bracelet

So... remember that crazy trend over the summer time when everyone was buying embroidery floss and trying to make these things...

Image from Honestly WTF?
and unless you're extremely skilled that ^ probably looks like this...

Image from
I was on Honestly WTF's blog a while back and saw a tutorial for a cute wrap bracelet shown here...

Image from Honestly WTF
This bracelet alone is super easy to make, and as soon as i saw the DIY, I wanted to make it. But some of the supplies that were needed, i didn't have, and no way was I going to wait until the weekend to make it. So I made my own adaptation. Here's what you need:
  • Hemp, in any color you like 
  • Embroidery Floss, in any color you like
  • Mardi Gras Beads in any color you like, but i would recommend gold or silver
Here's what you're going to be aiming for... 

STEP 1: use your hemp and fold it over in half, so that one end is a loop. 
STEP 2: using your embroidery floss, tie it around the hemp on the end where the loop is, making sure to leave a small loop. wrap it around the knot that you made couple times to cover it. 
STEP 3: snip a piece of your beads to your desired length, mine was about the size of the whole bracelet. 
STEP 4: place the strand below the knot of floss that you made and wrap the floss around the beads, making sure to do between each individual bead. 
STEP 5: Continue wrapping all the way to end, and back again, then back down again. so in total, you will have wrapped the beads 3 times from the top to the bottom and back again. 
STEP 6: when you've completed the last step tie one knot with the left over embroidery floss and the hemp. 
STEP 7: WEAR, SHARE... care? 

These are really cute to give to your friends for birthdays, Christmas, or just as a fun gift. Wear them with other jewelry or by themselves. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

D.I.Y Collar Tips

A couple months ago, I was chilling out in my room thinking of various ways that I could achieve collar tips, or a decorative collar. On Youtube (subscribe to my channel @lydiaVogue), most of the gurus where showing studded collars or ones decked with your common crosses, which aren't my particular cup of tea when I comes to something I want to wear. So after some thought it hit me, why not use some scrap fabric and manipulate it to look like a decorative piece for my collar.

This DIY is super easy and you only need 4 (four) things:

  • A shirt that you want to embellish, must have a collar, preferably pointed as opposed to peter pan. 
  • Scrap fabric, I used some of the same fabric from my other DIY, the embellished jacket
  • A pair of scissors
  • And either a needle and thread or sewing machine.
The first step is to cut out two triangular shapes from the scrap fabric. Make sure that they are about the same size, and that they fit on or around the tip of your collar. Next sew down the fabric to the tip of your collar, I do recommend using a needle and thread for this, as you will be working with a very small space. Lastly, snip away and loose threads or fraying pieces of fabric that you may see. And rock your new shirt! :D

Also, just so you all know, whenever I do this to my shirts, I cover the button holes, so they are no longer useful. You may find it easiest to just remove the collar buttons. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag Review


For my birthday this year I asked for one thing, and one thing only, and that was the Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer bag in the color nardels. I'm not sure why the color is called nardels,but in case you can't tell from the banner, it's a really light pink.

Now, this bag, can be purchased online at for $198.00, but I was blessed enough to score mine for $160.00, at the Juicy Couture outlet across the bay bridge. My mother had called all around asking if people carried the bag, and they kept saying that it was and online model, that had to be ordered from the website, which I didn't want my parents to have to do. So finally we found out about the outlet and took a pretty long drive up there to the store, after being told again that you can only buy the New Scottie Embroidery from the website, but that they sold the outlet version called the Scottie Bling Bag....
The Scottie Bling Bag 
The New Scottie Embroidery Bag 
Yes, the bags do look a lot a like, but I saw differences, and liked the New Scottie Embroidery much more, but came to the decision that I was just going to get the Scottie Bling Bag. When we got to the outlet thought they had the New Scottie Embroidery and boy was I HAPPY to see it there. Needless to say, it has swiftly become my favorite bag, and I love it, not only because of the gorgeous exterior, but also the amazing interior.

  • Three pockets 
    • One is rather large and says "SHOP!" on it. I'm supposing that it's where you're supposed to keep you money and credit cards and things, but since I never have money I just keep my lotion and chap stick and such in there
    • Another says "HELLO?" and is obviously a place for you phone. While my phone does fit comfortably in the pocket, i think that some larger one's like HTCs and such would have a hard time... 
    • and the last pocket holds an adorable heart shaped mirror, with a strap that attaches it to the bag, The straps says, "I am the fairest of them all".             
  • Really cute interior fabric, with the classic Juicy Couture crown print
  • An awesome blinged out heart charm that says Juicy Couture
  • And plenty of  room to hold all of your stuff. 
Okay, so those are some of the cool features of the bag. There are two cons though. 

  • The bag's exterior is made of velour, and that  is a material that can be dirtied rather quickly, i have only had mine for a month and I have already gotten a very small faint spot on the back. 
  • The little jewels that encrust the heart charm tend to fall off. I have lost three of them so far...
Other than those two rather minor short falls, I have been completely pleased with my Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer bag, and I would recommend this piece to any girl or woman. Also, the bag comes in two other colors, black and grey. Check out some other reviews to help form your final opinion about whether or not to buy this bag. Thank you for reading. -Olivia                                       

Television Shows and Movies that Offer Outfit Inspiration

Being the type of girl who, on a daily basis, loves to 'dress up', I am sometimes stumped when it comes to figuring out what to pair with what. I wouldn't consider myself to be one that follows trends super closely, but  sometimes I do look to other sources for inspiration. As we all know, we get inspired by everything around us... well at some of us do, and for me personally, different shows and movies that I watch offer great fashion ideas. Here are some of my favorites for fashion inspiration:

Shake It Up 
Shake It Up stars Bella Thorne, and Zendaya Coleman
(image from
Now granted, this is a Disney channel show, and it is catered to a 'younger crowd', whatever that means..., but  their outfits are obviously quite unique, colorful, and in my opinion fashionably on point!

Jane By Design 

Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby
(Image from

I don't even know where to start with Jane by Design. First of all it's an ABC Family show, and in my opinion they put out some of America's greatest and most watched television series... Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of the American Teenager... and must i say more? But really, one look at the outfits that this cast wears, and you're hooked. Not to mention that the main character's best friend is played by Nick Roux... who may easily be one of the world's greatest looking men.

Pretty Little Liars 

Pretty Little Liars stars Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, and Shay Mitchell
(Image from
I know you all probably saw this one coming, but Pretty Little Lairs is truly a show with some awesome stylists because... I mean just look for yourself! It's a show about four different girls trying to solve the mystery of their friend Ali's death, but each girl has their own unique style, as you can see, which is sure to inspire everyone. P.S. I am so in love Aria's outfit here, she's the one wearing brown... in case you didn't know.

Dirty Dancing 

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey
(Image from
Unfortunately I was unable to find the a good picture showing how fully awesome some of the outfits in this movie truly are, so I just used this iconic one from the film that everyone has seen before. If you have ever watched Dirty Dancing, you know that all of the styles in the movie are 100% back in trend, high waist jeans, cut offs and shorts especially.

The Clique 

Sam Boscarino, Sophie Anna Everhard, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Bridget Mendler
(image from jessicanatrina,
I can remember reading and loving the Clique novels back in 8th grade after first watching the movie adaption by the same name. While most people my age at the time LOATHED the movie, as Lisi herself probably would have said, I LOVED it. The outfits of the members of the "Pretty Committee" really inspired me both then and now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lip Balm Review

Okay, so if you're like me and you have a bunch of friends who have been walking around carrying these little egg shaped items, you're wondering, "okay, what is that, and why is it so cute?", or at least that's what i first thought. These cool little domes are actually an innovative and unique little lip balm.

They are made by the brand EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth. I bought my first EOS lip balm from Target around Christmas time for around 3 dollars which to me was just a little bit on the expensive side for some lip balm, but i soon found out that that was probably the best use of 3 dollars... ever.
First, the look:

  • small, round, absolutely adorable. 
  • they come in several colors, and flavors
  • the top has a special locking quality, so the top will never fall off in your bag. 
I have purchased the flavors Summer Fruit, Tangerine, and also Strawberry Sorbet, all of which i LOVE. They smell amazing, and are very moisturizing. 

So those are all pro's, but with every product there are con's as well. One con of this product would have to be that the outer casing gets dirty rather quickly, especially if you're like me and like to keep lip balm in your back pack... also little particles get caught under the cap, which can be a little annoying also... but over all i would have to say that I still LOVE this product and continue to buy it. 

If you're interested in checking these out try Walmart or Target. 

Outfit of the Day May 27th

This was my outfit from yesterday, Sunday May 27th. My dress is maxi style and has nautical navy and white stripes on it. This is actually a dress that I made myself with the help of a tutorial on another blog that I came across. The navy blazer was a hand me down from my neighbor, and is the brand Loft, by Ann Taylor. My floral print scarf was a great find from Goodwill, and is supposedly Oscar De La Renta... I'm going to have to do some more research to make sure that it's legit. But we're moving on, my handbag is also a hand me down from my father's step mother, and it's vintage Coach. LOVE this bag, she also gave me another one that I'm sure you will see in some other outfit's of the day. My watch was a gift from one of the mothers at my church. It's Vanity Fair, and doesn't even work anymore, but it's gorgeous so I still wear it. Lastly, my earrings and necklace, which you can't see too well, are vintage also.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Look Book

Spring is eternally one of my favorite seasons. The perfect weather, not too cold, nice and warm, with cool breezes  every so often... even though over here on the East Coast, Spring has been a little on the 'un-springy' side, with temperatures that are shooting sky high, but I'm not the weather man so I should probably get on with what i actually want to talk about. My Spring 2012 Look book of sorts.

These are a few outfits that I either have worn this Spring or plan on wearing, hope this gives you some ideas. Tell me what you think by leaving a cupcake!